Category: Projects


ESP8266 powered LED Matrix clock

  Download the code here:¬† The circuit consists of an ESP8266 as the brains and wifi connectivity, a 3v-5v logic level shifter in order to interface with the 5V led matrix, and the matrix...


Nerf gun tracked in Virtual Reality

In order to create a more tactile interface within VR, I have begun designing my own tracked accessory. Currently, I am using a controller for tracking, but this will change in the future. Here...


Mobile Augmented Reality using Vuforia

In order to visualize Multi-Variable Calculus 3d shapes in real space as well as other 3D content, I have started developing Augmented Reality apps using the Vuforia SDK. Here are some screenshots from what...


3D modeling and texturing

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on 3d modeling and texturing. Check out a few of my models below, and check out my ArtStation portfolio here. 3D Models were created using...


Zombie Island: An Android FPS

I recently released my 5th app, called Zombie Island. Zombie Island is set on an abandoned island infected with zombies, and similar to my other it has a low-poly aesthetic.