VR Educational Toolkit

VR Education Toolkit provides an easier way for educational content creators to teach classes in an immersive, interactive, virtual reality experience. By providing the basic framework, educators can spend more time creating effective course material. This toolkit also provides resources for educators to create VR lessons with as well as details how to easily obtain more in the Wiki. Precreated Unity scenes can be modified by content creators to suit their lesson with new assets and 360 videos, or they can easily create their own scenes with provided templates and scripts.

Check out the repo here: https://github.com/Legorobotdude/VR-Education-Toolkit/tree/master

Check out the project page here: https://adityabawankule.io/projects/vr-educational-toolkit/

Currently the project includes two completed scenes, one with a chemistry experiment, and one with a 360 video along with interactable objects that appear after the video.